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RDH Isaiah’s Pale Rider 
Sire: GHK Isaiah’s Fire 
Dam: AFS Roho's Big Darlin' 
DOB: 4/27/2017 
Birth Weight: 7.5 pounds 
Wean Weight: 42 pounds 
Birth Rank: Triplet 

Pale Rider is the kind of buck you can look for over years and never find him.  He is stacked top and bottom with genetics you want in your herd.  Pale Rider is the son of two power house kiko’s.  His sire is Isaiah’s Fire, who is a renown producer of highly sought after does.  His dam is Roho’s Big Darlin who is often touted by many producers as the largest kiko doe ever raised.  Pale Rider has grown out to be big, tall, and long bodied.  While he has a gentle friendly disposition to us on the farm, he knows how to get down to business during breeding season and passes on his traits to his kids.  Among his stand out traits is the fact that he has historically produced a 2 to 1 ratio of does to bucks, he passes on his low maintenance characteristics (hooves, parasite resistance, and general robustness), and his kids are long and tall.