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RDH Tecumseh 

Sire: RDH Indian Outlaw 
Dam: Sho Matilda 
DOB: 12/8/2017 
Birth Weight: 8.5 pounds 
Wean Weight: 49 pounds 
Birth Rank: Twin 

Tecumseh is the son of the legendary buck RDH Indian Outlaw and has made his sire proud.  Tecumseh is a big and thick bruiser of a buck that adds great weight to his kids.  Tecumseh is the kind of buck you bring onto your farm when you want to increase size in a dramatic way.  In addition to size Tecumseh has historically produced doe kids at a 3 to 1 ratio to buck kids.  The combination of these two traits has earned him a place of honor as a foundation builder at Tennessee Kiko Farm.  Tecumseh’s kids have had an average weight of 7.8 pounds each.